All about Mrs. Preston

Welcome to my class. I am a lifelong learner who loves sharing my knowledge and skills with my students. My goal is to help each child reach their educational, social and emotional growth.

   Student Pledge
At Southwest Primary, we are caring, respectful and responsible Learners.
            Today a Reader Tomorrow a Leader

Daily Home Learning Schedule


8:00-9:00     Get Ready/Breakfast (Yes get out of PJs)

9:00-10:00       Language Arts

                          Khan Academy Kids

                          IXL ELA

                          Spelling City


10:00-10:30     Break/Freetime

10:30-11:30     Reading and Responding to Questions

                        Reading A-Z

                        Khan Academy Kids



11:30-12:30     Lunch and Playtime

12:30-1:00       Writing

                        Journaling (Write about your day.) etc.

                        Write 3 to 5 sentences about a story you                              read. Draw a picture of your favorite part.

1:00-2:30         Mathematics 


                        Khan Academy Kids



2:30 Relax, go outside, play, free time, time with family





         The Importance of Reading at Home


Read with and to your child for 15 minutes every night. 

Your child will build fluency, comprehension, word-solving skills and a love for reading in a supportive, loving environment using text at an independent level.  Mrs. Preston 828-338-9221               

 Southwest Primary 828-342-8884

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